Welcome to Twist Museum.

Twist Museum launched in 2022 on central London’s iconic Oxford Street.

The museum is made up of a series of interconnected zones devoted to the contemplation of how we see things. Through a combination of science and art, the museum hopes to bring people together, challenging them and encouraging them to discuss and reflect on the ways in which we all perceive the world differently.

Twist, an acronym for The Way I See Things.

The letters TWIST are an acronym for “The Way I See Things”, a phrase that has formed the nucleus for all our thinking at the museum — that our interpretations of reality and our understanding of the world around us is shaped by our unique, individual perspective.

We all experience the world differently.

When you think, see or hear, what do you really know about what you’re sensing? Do you know whether you are sensing the same as the next person? And how does that knowledge inform your view? Twist examines the science behind such questions through interactive exhibits designed to showcase how we understand reality, igniting a curiosity about the way we see the world.

A playground for the mind.

Twist Museum is here for you to discover, explore, and have fun through educational and entertaining exhibits that showcase the history and science of illusion. We offer an interactive and immersive experience that allows visitors to participate in and experience the illusions themselves in an engaging and informative way.

‘It will make you question your reality’